One Day Refinishing

Signs of typical surface wear, possibly qualified for one day refinishing
A chemical clean and micro abrasion is employed, then one coat of 100% polyurethane is applied. Guages, discoloration, urine, compression marks and like damage are not corrected with this process. In other words, the best value for a one day recoat is to preserve a newly sanded and finished floor system. This will extend the life of the finish system and perserve the value over time. Refinishing a damaged floor does not have the same appreciable value as

One day refinish red oak floor, satin sheen
correcting damage through complete sand and finish. Your Mr. Sandman will provide you with all the information you need to choose the best valued and appreciable options as it relates to the present condition of your floor.

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Our standard pricing structure generally includes a base charge per foot and include other factors such as wax, obstacles, wood type and location will also help determine pricing.

Try our Cost Estimator to calculate approximate costs for your project.
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